July 24, 2012 - 2:30 pm


Republicans are touting presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s ground game in battleground Virginia, with the GOP claiming its one millionth voter contact in the state over the weekend.

In four months, the party has contacted about one in six voting age residents in Virginia on Romney’s behalf, according to a release from the Republican Party of Virginia.

The party says it’s the earliest in any election cycle that one million contacts have been made, pointing to a motivated group of volunteers.

“If nothing else, voter contact number one million shows that the GOP is absolutely committed to winning the Commonwealth of Virginia this year,” said RPV Executive Director Dave Rexrode. “Democrats may have had a ground game advantage in the past, but those days are over. We’re going after very vote, in every city and county.”

The Republican effort in the state has gained momentum in recent weeks, with the Romney campaign, RPV and Republican National Committee joining together to open dozens of offices and recruit thousands of new volunteers.

The Romney and Obama campaigns each now have 24 offices across the state.

A poll released last week showed the two candidates tied in Virginia.