April 03, 2012 - 8:33 am


The Obama campaign is on the air in Virginia with a new ad over gas prices that takes aim at Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

This 30-second spot, running in Virginia and five other states, comes as two other groups run dueling TV ads in this battleground state over fuel costs.

The Obama campaign’s ad says domestic oil production is at an eight-year high under President Barack Obama and that “Big Oil” is fighting him because he wants to end their tax breaks.

Obama is raising mileage standards and doubling renewable energy, the spot says, adding “In all these fights, Mitt Romney’s stood with Big Oil — for their tax breaks, attacking higher mileage standards and renewables.”

The Romney campaign shot back, saying “it’s no surprise President Obama is spending his soon-to-be $1 billion war chest to attack Mitt Romney and deflect blame for his failure to control gas prices.”

"His own Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, said in 2008 that we have to find a way to get the price of gas up to the level in Europe. It looks like he’s succeeding, and, unfortunately, the American people are worse off for it,” said Romney spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg