December 12, 2011 - 4:32 pm


How’s this for a clash of political styles:

Bill Bolling has “Burgers with Bill” — a tasty annual campaign fundraiser held on the Lieutenant Governor’s birthday every June. 

Ken Cuccinelli has paintball.

The Virginia Attorney General held his annual splat-a-thon this weekend in Leesburg — a fund-raising capture-the-flag game for supporters and weekend warriors.

Cuccinelli Political Director Noah Wall  said about 60 people attended the Saturday event, including some from as far away as Roanoke and Richmond. A veteran of the war in Afghanistan was among the supporters who paid $100 to shoot paint-filled balls at each other with the pro-gun attorney general.

"We made sure he was on our team,’ said Wall. Asked if Cuccinelli’s personal paintball style was to defend the home base or go on the attack to capture the other team’s flag, Wall did not hesitate:

"He’s always leading the charge," he said. "Always helping develop each team’s strategy."

Strategy will become more important as Cuccinelli heads into the New Year with intentions to challenge Bolling for the GOP nod for governor in 2013. So will money.

But Wall said the Cuccinelli fundraiser scheduled for Wednesday at the Vienna home of former Northern Virginia Rep. Tom Davis was in place before the attorney general’s gubernatorial announcement.

He said the campaign has not asked for an endorsement from Davis, but that Cuccinelli and the former congressman had spoken since the announcement and agreed to go ahead with the fundraiser. 

 Prices range from $125 for an individual ticket to $5,000 for 6 tickets and special recognition at the event.

Support from Davis, a moderate Republican, could be  a big boost to Cuccinelli, who will have to battle a conservative Tea party darling image to sway moderates and independents to his cause.  

Cuccinelli is also having a fundraiser on Thursday in Gainesville at the home of supporters Sue and Chris Collie. Tickets start at $50 and top out at $2,500 for that event.

Money raised at the event will go toward Cuccinelli’s existing campaign committees for attorney general and his Liberty Now committee, which is used to support other candidates. Cuccinelli has yet to set up a committee for his gubernatorial run, but will do so next year, said Wall.